STD 3 to 8 unit test time table sem-2 2019/20

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This post We are Providing Information about Std 3 to 8 All subject Ekam Kasoti time table 2019/20. unit test sem 2-time table.

Standard 3 To 8 All Subject unit test Time Table 2019/20. download new Paripatra or download time table click here

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According to the above-mentioned subject, Periodical tests are required for students in grades 3 through 8 in the primary schools of the state from 23/11/2019

Ekam Kasoti time table for semester 2 in Gujarat primary school

A timetable on this is included.  It is your humble request to inform the schools of your level and take further action on this matter. 

According to the timetable included, a total of 19 periodic tests will be taken during semester 2. The first of these 19 tests (date 23/11/19) and the final test (date 04/04/2010) will be taken as a pre-test and a response test, respectively, under the “Language Reading” program, implemented in schools.  A general (Common) test will be prepared for students in grades 3 through 5 in the pre-test and post-examination under the Bhashadeep ‘(reading comprehension) program.  students will be ready to test an ordinary (common).  So that children can be compared on the basis of linguistics and the linguistic level of the child is known.

Std 3 to 5 All Subject pat 2019/20

STD 3 to 8 unit test time table sem-2 2019/20
STD 3 to 8 unit test time table sem-2 2019/20

Std 6 to 8 unit test paper time table

STD 3 to 8 unit test time table sem-2, unit test new time table, pat new time table, std 3 to 8 akam kasoti new time table, std 6 to 8-time table
STD 3 to 8 pat time table


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Download new circular and time table 2019/20 click this below link and download circular

Download Paripatra click here

Click here to download time table

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