Online Education Tv Channel list of Gujarat

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This Post we are Provide Information About Online Education TV Channel list of Gujarat.Home learning TV channel list of Gujarat. How to watch DD Girnar Channel in Mobile.

Gujarat Government announce The Gujarat State all School Not open untill 15 august. so All Gujarat student learning at home. gujarat Student learning by online education by Tv Telicast.

Education / E-School in Gujarat from tomorrow to 15th August, students will study at home through TV Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama.
Government announces closure of schools and colleges till August 15
Action will be taken if schools push for fees by September: Govt Gandhinagar.

The state government has announced that schools and colleges in the state will remain closed till August 15.

The government has made arrangements to provide education to the children through online classes and TV channels at home so that their learning is not disrupted. On Saturday, state education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama warned schools not to push for fees until September, saying legal action would be taken against anyone who pushed for school fees or other expenses.

Chudasama recalled the agreement reached with the self-governing schools and hinted that action would be taken if parents had to raise fees before September.

Chudasama said some parents had complained that schools were forcing them to pay fees. The state education department negotiated with the schools in April and reached an agreement with the administrators not to increase fees during the current academic year.

It was also decided to accept the fee in the same way even if the parents do not pay the fee until the month of September and do not put any pressure on the parents. Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said that if schools push for fees, action will be taken against them.

Monday morning std. Home learning will begin for 3 to 12
Education Minister Chudasama said education would be imparted to students through digital medium. DD Girnar and Byseg through Vande Mataram Channel Std.

Education will be given to students from 3 to 12. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani will inaugurate the ‘Home Learning Program’ on June 15 at 8 am at DD Girnar. The literature will be delivered to students who do not have digital facilities. Each school has a cluster of 35 students, which teachers will call and ask every day.

Online Education Tv Channel time table

Online Education Tv Channel list of Gujarat
Online Education Tv Channel list of Gujarat

DD Girnar Channel live In your Mobile

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Home Learning time table

DD GIRNAR live tv channel


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Government’s 5 clear words for schools

Can’t push for fees until September.
Action will be taken against schools that push for fees or other expenses.
Schools will facilitate the payment of fees every month.
Schools will not push for textbooks or other literature, transportation, uniforms.
No one can demand expenses except tuition fees.

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