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Top Blog Name Ideas for a new beginning

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HI, Friend, You Are starting a New Blogs Today. But Now You Need To Choose blogs Name. And Coming up with ideas for a Blogs name is Puting new wrinkles in your mind.and you can’t have that.

blog name ideas
blog name ideas

I Khow this Because you search many websites and search also google too.

Are You ready to think up a unique name for your New blog or website? so I will guide you for the idea of your new blog. you can read all the articles below.

Top Blog Name Ideas for a new beginning

1.online Money blog

you can make a new blog about how to earn online money, make money online fast, you can write in this blog many types of methods of earning money, you can post your blog of all earning way to an online, part-time job, online work, etc.

2 .Trending News

you Can make a blog of trending news and publish your article about trending news daily. this keyword is rank in google fast.

3. Health & Fitness Blog –

you Can make a Blog about Health and fitness blogs and write about weight loss, weight gain, How to remove dark circles, diabetes, how to complete blood pressure normal, how to maintain fitness, etc.

4. Business ideas

if you Interested in Business to make a blog about new business ideas. and write your blog below the category post.

  • How to start a business? and full process to start the business.
  • how to become a successful businessman.
  • online growth business growing an idea.
  • all Market running Busines and its joining process.

5.Mystery blog

You Can write in this topic to include in your post, Alien, UFO, Ghost, Jalpari, Bermuda Triangle, Iceman, Unresolved mysteries, Conspiracy theories, Illuminati,

6. Technology Explain

How to Work a laptop or computer, how to work printer or Xerox machine, how to work laser light, how to work electronically car, etc

7. Cooking & Recipes Blog

This Blog topic is -how To Make methi paratha, aloo paratha, how to make pizza at home, how to make breakfast for alone student or man or women, how to mag panir tikka, panir masala, how to make an all types of vegetables sabji

8. Beauty Blog

This blog for women most people searches in google about this topic post.you can post an article about skin care, body care, hair care, different type hairstyle, how to make up in 10 minutes. how to massage, how to the fam, etc.

9. Startup & business news

you can wright to how to start up business, business ideas, investment, business problems, and solutions.

10. Education & career

best Blog name ideas are education and career. Because This topic is related to students and many student research on youtube and google also.

You can post Article of This Blog – how to become a pilot, how to become a doctor, how to become a chartered accountant, how to become a leader, you can post about all career.

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11. Gadgets review blog

if you choose your blog name is gadgets review blog so you can write many posts in your blog. you can wright post review of the laptop, computer, mobile, headphone, smartwatch, smartphone, etc,

12.Online Course

best online course to learn photography, best online course to learn photoshop, best online course to learn youtube and blog, top online courses to learn data science, Best university for an online degree, online course for mobile all setting and future.

13. Social Media

Top blog name idea is social media. because today all people are using all social media.

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you can publish a post about -Whatsapp status, facebook status collection, best WhatsApp groups, best telegram groups, best facebook groups, best facebook page, what is instagram, what is pinterest, how to use twitter, etc.

what is social media?

14. Product comparison blog

you can compare different type of products and say to all which product is good.

top 10 products comparison blogs list

15. Automobile review

If you Interested in automobile or work in this field so you can choose this blog name website and promote now. you can review of bike, car, best sports car, best sports car, best car of this month, best 150cc bike, hero bike vs Honda, etc.

16. smartphone help Blog

you can choose this name of your domain so you can say to your blog. any smartphone problem and solution, smartphone tips and trick, how to unlock mobile loc, screen lock

Top 50 Mobile Blogs list

Top Blog Name Ideas for New Beginning

17. Entertainment Review

Bollywood movie review, song review, south dubbed movie release information, the best movie of the year, the best song of the month, Hollywood movie review, etc

18.Government and privet Job vacancies

Government Jobsjob vacancies, privet job vacancies, exam details,smartfon

19.Top 10 blog

This keyword of the blog is now trending many people search this type of article. Top 10 politicians, Top 10 Cricketers, Top 10 actors, Top 10 horror movies, top 10 Hindi song, top 10 movies, etc.

20. How to Blog

Tutorial blog, how to make email, how to make a youtube channel, how to make pan card online, how to make adharcard, how to make driving license

How To Choose Top Blog Name Ideas

21. Indian laws

How To Consumer Complaint, how to complain of online harassment, how to buy the property with law, how to complain of online fraud.

22.Current affairs and general Knowledge

If You Interested in Current affairs and general Knowledge so you can make a blog of this topic. this topic is most important for a college student. you can update regularly of Gk, current affairs, and gk quiz, online quiz, you can post of KBC type question of this blogs

22. Web series review

This blog name is very trending now. you can publish of an article of. Netflix, amazon prime video, hot star show review, Youtube show Review.etc

23. Interview Question collection

Interview Question collection, Job interview question and answers, Ias interview question, tech interview Question, Google interview question, all type of Interview question, and answers collection

24. celebrity information

Celebrity information _ Celebrity name and his height,weight,age.net worth, girlfriends, boyfriend, Marriage, like, unlike, etc.

reading continue……..part 2

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