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Give 5 gifts for sister the financial security Bhai Bij

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Give these 5 gifts for the financial security of brother and sister. Give these 5 gifts for the financial security of brother and sister,5 gifts for sister in Bhai Bij, Corona shield policy giving health protection.

5 gift for sister on Bhai Bij day

Today i.e. 16th November is the festival of Bhai Beej with New Year. If you have a younger sister and you want to buy a gift for a darling sister, give her a gift that will keep her financially secure. We have prepared a list of some such gifts. Let us know.

Give these 5 gifts for the financial security of Bhai bij
Give these 5 gifts for the financial security of Bhai bij

Corona shield policy giving health protection

All general and stand loan health insurance companies have launched Corona Cover Policy insurance policies. It has been specially launched in the Corona period. The policy covers hospital admissions, pre-and post-admission costs in case of coronary heart disease. The minimum amount of insurance in this policy is 50 thousand rupees and the maximum is 5 lakh rupees. The insurance period can be a minimum of 3.5 months, 6.5 months, and 9.5 months. The premium for the original cover will be Rs 447 to Rs 5630.

FD or RD can be done in the name of the sister

You can invest in FD (Fixed Deposit) RD (Recurring Deposit) for your sister at your convenience. Both have the same interest. Both are fixed-income investments, both offer guaranteed returns on maturity. The interest earned on FD and RD is almost the same. A joint account can also be opened in it. It can be opened at any bank or post office. Apart from this, you can also invest in an SIP or mutual fund for sister.

Credit cards can give gifts

You can gift a credit card to your sister to meet her financial needs. You can explain to your sister the benefits of using a credit card wisely. The sister will have no problem when she needs money. You can set the credit card limit according to your sister’s needs.

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A year-round recharge can also be gifted

An annual mobile recharge is also a good option if you want to give a gift to your sister. This will eliminate the need for the sister to recharge frequently. Many recharge plans with 365 days validity are available from Geo, Idea-Vodafone, and Airtel. This plan offers unlimited calling, data, and free SMS.

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Savings bank account

If your sister does not have a personal savings account, you can also gift it to your sister. You can open a bank account with a fixed amount. So the sister will not always have to keep cash with her and will also get interest on the money deposited in the bank.

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