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Home Ministry issued a guide on working in the office

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This Post About The Home Ministry issued a guide on working in the office.

Home Ministry issued a guide on working in the office
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Coronavirus in India is changing a lot, including the way we work in the office. The Home Ministry has issued a guideline on working in the office through which the economy will gradually be reversed. Most companies believe that these changes can be implemented. Each employee will have to wear a face mask in the office that opens. There must be a minimum distance of 2 feet between two employees, no meeting of 5 or more people can be done. Lunch breaks will not take place in one place so many people do not get together. It can be left for lunch simultaneously. In addition, employees will work shifts and there will be an hour gap between the two shifts.

CITIES companies have to work with 5% of their capacity. In addition, the guide states that employees should be encouraged to use stairs instead of lifts. Even in the elevator, two or four people (depending on the size of the elevator) will not have to go.

Home Ministry issued a guide on working in the office

People with children under the age of five or above the age of 5 will be encouraged to work from home. There are also strict rules for managing adequate sanitizers in the office. Touch-free sanitizer is especially recommended.

In addition to this, all mandatory thermal screening will be done. Employees who need transportation will be required to provide such vehicles. People with seating capacity may not be more than 5 or 6 percent. Each workplace has to have a nearby COVID Hospital listing and all employers will have to encourage their employees to use the Health Bridge app. Non-essential visitors to the office will be denied entry, use of tobacco and spitting anywhere. It shall be the responsibility of the District Magistrate to observe that these rules are complied with and shall be dealt with under the Disaster Management Act. The HR department of Indian companies believes that this is going to be normal next time. Some rules have already been applied. Most companies do not object to the 5 percent staff rule.

An IT company official said they would only hire 5 percent of the staff. He also reduced the number of people traveling in the office cab and allowed the lunchboxes to be eaten at the desk. In addition, there is a limit to the use of elevators

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