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Anubandham Gujarat – Employment Portal | Anubandham Portal, Mobile App


Anubandham Gujarat Portal, New Registration, Login | Contract employment portal | Employment Office Registration | Download Anubandham App

Government of India and Government of Gujarat are launching new schemes and services for the welfare of citizens. Youth is the first step towards the prosperity of a country. Various departments and offices are functioning to provide employment to the youth. Gujarat Employment Service has launched ‘Anubandham Portal’ under Digital India Program in Gujarat to maintain communication between employers and job seekers. “Anubandham App” can easily coordinate between employer and employer through mobile and internet.

The Anubandham portal and mobile application was launched by the Chief Minister of Gujarat on the day of ‘Rojgar Divas’. This portal will be a good combination of job aspirants and employers. It will make it easier for the youth to get jobs. And employers will be able to find good employees based on the huge database through this portal.

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Anubandham Rojara Portal – Mobile App

Benefits of Anubandham Portal

Eligibility for Anubandham Portal

Slogan of Anubandham Portal

Anubandham Login

Anubandham Job Seeker Registration

Anubandham Portal Job Provider Registration

Anubandham Web Portal Registration Documents

Anubandham Portal Mobile Application

Anubandham job seeker and job provider facilities

Quick and easy registration

Automatic matchmaking

Schedule Management

Skill based matching

Employment Office Registration Online Anubandham Gujarat Helpline

This web portal will be managed by the Office of the Director of Employment and Training, DET, under the Department of Labor and Employment, Government of Gujarat. The main function of DET is to provide vocational training and employment services to the youth in the state of Gujarat. It organizes long term and short term training programs at ITIs and various centres. Employment office registration helps educated youth to register for jobs online.

Benefits of the Anubandham Portal


Affiliate mobile applications and web portal will have many benefits. This portal makes it very easy for both employers and employers to stay in touch. Apart from this, what are the other benefits are as follows.

The youth of the state will be able to register online at home on this portal to get jobs.

No need to go to employment office for registration and career counseling, only affiliates can access through their mobile the app.

Youth will be able to get employment through auto matchmaking, skill base matchmaking, schedule management and other features.

With quick search and filter facility, skilled youth can find their job in any district.

Employment opportunities can be matched according to the candidate’s qualifications.

You will be exempted from going to the office to register through the Anubandham portal.

Through this portal and mobile application, job readers can get accurate information about their careers.

Through this portal, one can get information about job place interview through his mobile.

Through the Anubandham portal, employers will get relief from various advertisement expenses.

The job provider will get a large database through this portal, so that he can recruit good employees.

Employers can conduct online or offline interviews.

Employers can fill vacancies in their business on Anubandham portal by registering online.

Job providers can organize job fairs and select youths who acquire skills as per their requirement.

Employers and employers can easily find each other’s profiles and information through the dashboard.

Eligibility for Anubandham Portal

Online registration of the Anubandham portal has been facilitated by Department of Labor and Employment, Government of Gujarat. Uneducated people, people with their own skills can register on this portal. Besides, any educated unemployed can register online for free on this portal.

About Anubandham Portal The objective of the portal is to make it easy for young men and women to get jobs. And employers have set a goal to provide a database of employers. The slogan given by the Anubandham web portal is “A new umbrella to fulfill the needs of aspirants through direct recruitment between job applicants and employers”

Features of Anubandham Employment Portal

Anubandham Login

Online registration has to be done on this portal created for candidates and employers of the state. There are two types of registration. Job Seeker Login and Job Provider Login. Below is the step by step information on how to create these two logins and a YouTube video and text made by Rojagar Kacheri Jamnagar.

Anubandham Job Seeker Registration Youth seeking to get state jobs can register online on the state job portal. How to Create Anubandham Gujarat Login We will know it as follows.

Name of Organization Directorate of Employment and Training,

Gujarat Govt

Registration on the portal

How to do online registration

(from anywhere)

Type of Job Educated and Uneducated

(Education Wise Jobs)

Launched on 06/08/2021

Anubandham Portal Job Provider Registration

Employers will also register online through Job Portal Gujarat. If you want to be employed in a government organization or other department/office, you should under such circumstances

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Anubandham Portal Job Provider Registration

Employers will also register online through Job Portal Gujarat. If you want to provide a job in a government organization or other department/office, you have to register online as a job provider in such circumstances. We will see how to register as an employer as follows.

First type “Anubandham Portal” in Google search bar.

Then click on “Register” on Anubandham Portal.

If there is an employer in which to select “Job Provider/Employer”.

Then the job provider has to enter his email id or mobile number and verify through OTP.

After verifying the OTP, the candidate has to fill his basic information.

Then the employer has to fill the complete information through “Sign Up”.

Anubandham Web Portal Registration Documents

Both employer and job seeker need different documents to login to Anubandham Gujarat portal. This document has to be uploaded during online registration. Which is given below. These certificates are required for online registration only.

mobile no

Email Id

Passport size photograph

Any one of Aadhaar Card, Election Card, License, Passport etc.

Qualification Marksheet Experience Certificate

Anubandham Portal Mobile Application

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‘Anubandham Application’ created by Directorate of Employment and Training and Labor and Employment. Which can be easily used by both employers and job seekers. But before using this application, candidates have to register only once through desktop. This Anubandham Mobile App can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. Here are the benefits of the app.

Candidates can login to Anubandham app from anywhere.

Candidates can easily find jobs through this mobile application.

Job seekers can apply for jobs from anywhere.

If a job seeker has applied for a job, the mobile app can also view the date and time of the interview.

Information about participation in job fairs can also be accessed through the Anubandham app.

Candidates registered on Anubandham Rojara portal can submit their own job preferences through application.

Anubandham job seeker and job provider facilities

A linked web portal and mobile application has been created by the Department of Labor and Employment. Through which a good dialogue is created between both the job seeker and the job seeker. This web portal offers great features for both job seekers and job providers. Which are as follows.

Quick and easy registration

This web portal allows quick registration for both employers and employers.

This registration can be done quite easily. This registration can be done from anywhere.


Job seeker and employer are provided dashboard facility in this portal and application.

This dashboard will provide a huge database to employers and job seekers. So that coordination with each other can be done easily.

Automatic matchmaking

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Automate making facility is provided on Anubandham app portal.

With this facility, job seekers can match job openings according to their qualifications, skills.

Job providers will be able to automatically select qualified, experienced and skilled candidates for jobs through this facility.

Schedule Management

Schedule management facility is provided on attachment web portal.

An employer can schedule an interview for a job in its area of operation.

A schedule management message from the employer will go to the job seeker. So that they can attend the interview venue on time.

Skill based matching

Skill based matching is provided in the attached application.

With this facility, more educated than uneducated people can match job vacancies according to their skills.

Job seekers can also select candidates with skills and experience by matching the skill base for their organization, company or place of employment.

Employment Office Registration Online

Candidates seeking jobs in Gujarat can get guidance for their career from employment office for jobs. If there is any problem or other query in online registration on Anubandham portal one can visit in person. Candidates can register for the job online. Employment exchange offices are located in all the districts of the state. The names, addresses and contact numbers of the employment offices of all the districts of Gujarat can be clicked from the download button given below.

Download Employment Exchange Office Address-Gujarat

Anubandham Gujarat Helpline

The employment office is at the forefront of providing jobs to the candidates. A connected portal has been created to digitize these services. Both employers and job seekers have to register online on this portal. If there is any problem or query during online registration, you can contact the helpline.

Office Address:- Block No.1,3 3rd Floor, Dr.Jivaraj Mehta Bhawan, Old Secretariat, Gandhinagar,

Anubandham Portal Helpline Number:- +91 6357390390

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