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I AM NOT A ROBOT: Find out why the Internet often asks you that

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I AM NOT A ROBOT: Find out why the Internet often asks you that.

Are you bothered by the frequent I AM NOT A ROBOT check box? So don’t worry because this check box is for your personal interest only. Find out why I am not a robot check box high.


I AM NOT A ROBOT: Find out why the Internet often asks you that
I AM NOT A ROBOT: Find out why the Internet often asks you that

We often encounter I AM NOT A ROBOT on the internet. Tick ​​the check box of I’m Not a Robot and proceed to the website. But have you ever thought that this simple check box of four words that no boat can tick? First of all, what is this boat?

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What is a boat to be?

Bot is a type of automated computer program. Which makes simple and repetitive work on the internet very fast. If the boat is used in online ticket purchases, the boat can purchase all the tickets in a matter of seconds. Captcha was invented in 1997 to protect the Internet from such automated programs. The captcha had to read and write horizontal words that the boat could not read. This made it easier to distinguish between a boat and a man. But, soon there was an innovation in the technique and even the boats were able to read this captcha very easily.

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Then, Google noticed that these bots were being able to read captchas even more easily than humans. Following which Google came up with a new technique called re-captcha. This has to be a check box. It says I AM NOT A ROBOT. Ticking the check box indicates whether there is a man in front or a boat.

Why can’t boats tick this check box?

This check box has to be a code. Which is activated as soon as you click on it. This code sends certain data from our browser and computer to Google’s Advanced Risk Analysis Engine. Google’s AI analyzes what things. In which Google has seen how you were clicking the mouse or the mouse pad or the mobile skin before clicking on the check box.

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Google says the check box has the ability to identify the boat with the smallest movement of the mouse. It also analyzes your computer’s time zone, location, screen size, screen resolution, IP address, etc. Along with this other details in the user data are also checked. Whose information is kept secret by Google for security reasons.

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In short, understand that when you click on the check box. Then, Google analyzes every single piece of data to determine if you are a human being. It is not possible for any boat to crack such a complex process for now. When Google’s AI system doesn’t make a decision, a new check box opens. In which you have to identify some special points from the given photo and move on. Then, it is very difficult for a boat to crack this technology.

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