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keyboard91 Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Full Jankari

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we Are Provide Information About keyboard91 Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Full Jankari. What does Keyboard91 offer?Keyboard91 is the only mobile keyboard in India that pays you back for your time spent chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. When you use WhatsApp, our ad partners show you the appropriate ads at the top. When you see those ads, Keyboard91 gets paid by advertisers which we pay back to our users. You control your data and you get paid! Keyboard91 gives you this power.

What is Keyboard91? How to make money from it?

Keyboard91 is a Mobile Keyboard app that is Mini91’s Mini App. When using Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube, there is an ad show at the top of your mobile, this is what the company pays for. People are earning thousands of rupees a month in this. You too can earn thousands of lakhs of rupees by using it.

Install Keyboard91 App and Turn on Ad, then your mobile starts showing Ad, this is the company that pays for it. The more you use mobile. The more you earn, the more you earn.

Anyone can work in it but good for people 18 or older. Young people can do this with the permission of their parents.

Some basic information about the company

what is Keyboard91?

Company Full Name – Rovi91 Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Official Website-keyboard91.com
CMD- Nitin Raj Gupta
CIN U74999DL2019FTC352045
Registration Number- 352045
Email id- help@mall91.com, support@keyboard91.com
Phone Number – 011-43092005
Registered Address- A-525, First Floor, A-Block Delhi – 110096, East Delhi.
Youtube Channel-Mall91

LIC ની પોલિસી શાનદાર યોજના

🔹 માત્ર 233 રૂપિયાના રોકાણ પર મેળવો 17 લાખ, ટેક્સમાં પણ મળશે છૂટ

LIC ની નવી સ્કીમ વાંચો અહીંથી click here to read in gujarati

How to create an account in Keyboard91

Go to the official website of the company www.keyboard91.com, download and install.
Register: –

  1. Select Language
    2.Mobile Number
    3.Refer Code DXNN1GW
    4.Otp inserted

WhatsApp पर हमेशा की तरह चैट करें और कमाएं कैश और डिस्काउंट कूपन रोज़!

KeyBoard91 एक ऐसा 100% सुरक्षित भारत में बना मोबाइल कीबोर्ड ऐप है जो विज्ञापन दिखाने से आपको वापस भुगतान करता है और डिस्काउंट कूपन देता है!

अपने दोस्तों को रेफेर करके अपना नेटवर्क बनाएं और पूरे 15 लेवल तक उनकी रोज़ की कमाई का हिस्सा भी पाएं! यहाँ से डाउनलोड करें और मेरे रेफरल कोड DXNN1GW का उपयोग करें


(Remember the Refer Code or write it on a piece of paper. Without it, your account will not be created, nor will it be verified.)

How to make income from Keyboard91?

The company pays for Ad View. The price of the ad keeps changing, the rate of the price keeps changing.
There are two ways you can make money with Keyboard91.
Self Income
Level Income

  1. Self Income
    1 100 per 100 views
    Even if you see the winning ad, it pays for it. You get paid for viewing an ad. You can earn 5 to 20 rupees a day.

Daily Scratchcard Scratch Money. By scratching you can earn from 0.01 paise to 10 Daily daily.

  1. Level Income
    Gives you up to 15 levels of Ad View income.
    Netwoark Income- ₹ 3 per 1000 views

Level% Comission Of Keyboard91
L1 35.1%
L2 17.6%
L3 8.8%
L4 7%
L5 5.5%
L6 4.6%
L7 3.5%
L8 3.2%
L9 2.9%
L10 2.5%
L11 2.3%
L12 2.1%
L13 1.9%
L14 1.7%
L15 1.5%

About Features of Keyboard91 App

Keyboard91 is the only mobile keyboard in India that pays you back for your time spent chatting or doing other work on an app like WhatsApp, Facebook.
Winner Mall91’s Mini App is the Government of India’s self-contained app Innovation Challenge 2020.
The company started offering Ad View Income on August 1, 2021.
The world’s first and only mobile keyboard that pays for Ad Impression.
each can earn up to 15 levels by referring people.
You do not have to do any work on it. You see the ad at the top. When you see these ads, Keyboard91 pays you.
You can type by saying Keyboard91.
With Keyboard91 you can type anywhere on Mobile.
In Keyboard91 you can type in many Indian languages ​​besides Hindi, English.
Keyboard91 does not collect any of your confidential information.
Keyboard91 does not require any kind of Extra Permission.
With the help of Grahak91, you can promote in Keyboard91. For more information about Grahak91 read this article “What is Grahak91? How to increase customers with it”.
Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. can make money from Social Media.

Payment Proof Of Keyboard 91

keyboard91  Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Full Jankari
keyboard91 Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Full Jankari
keyboard91  Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Full Jankari
keyboard91 Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Full Jankari

Withdrawal Options

It is mandatory to have Keyboard91 Installed in Mobile to withdraw money without which you cannot withdraw money.

  1. Bank transfer- 5 processing fee.
    Paytm- 1 ₹ Minimum Withdraw Amount and 2% Processing Fee.
  2. Upi- 50 ₹ Minimum Withdraw Amount and 5 Processing Fee.

Everyone can also remove a minimum of 1Rs. You will receive the money in 10 working days.

For KYC you will need an AADHAAR card and a PAN card.

Mall91 – Trusted Group Discount Shopping App for 1.7 Crore+ Indians!

Refer friends, build your network up to 15 levels and earn on every referral – anytime deposited in a bank account – earn millions from home!

Buy daily items from the market at cheap prices from the local shops near you, using your wallet balance! Share the link of the products of the shop with friends, get huge cashback on every day shopping as soon as their purchase is complete!

So much savings, so much money, India’s shop came out unique!

Download from here and use my referral code DXNN1GW https://m91.co/jlUbIK

Keyboard91 Income Proof

All Wallets of Keyboard91.

Bonus Wallet
The money received from scratch card is also added to this. This money can go out anytime. Without any limitation. Right now the money you receive from the network is also being added to these wallets.

Network Wallet
Add money received from Network in this Wallet. But not being added right now. Network Income Bonus Wallet.
Hope you like this “What is Keyboard91? How to make money from it?” The post would be nice. Share this post with your friends. If you have any questions about Keyboard91, you can ask us.

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