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A new feature of WhatsApp tell right or wrong

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This Post we Are Providing Information about This New feature of WhatsApp, will tell you whether the information is right or wrong.

A new feature of WhatsApp tell right or wrong
new feature

You get millions of information on WhatsApp that you never believe is true or never. During the lockdown nowadays, you also receive a lot of fake news on WhatsApp that you believe is true. For you, the company is now bringing a feature and feature that will allow you to verify whether this is a truffle fix or not.

a new feature of WhatsApp

Yes, it is true that the era of fake news on WhatsApp is coming to an end. Now you will be able to verify the news here yourself. The company has been working on this feature for a long time, allowing users to verify forward messages on the web. According to the latest report, WhatsApp has now released this feature for some Android and iOS users.

Once this feature arrives, a search icon will appear next to any forward message in WhatsApp. Clicking on this icon will ask if you want to search this message on Google. If you select Yes then your message will go to Google search where you can find out whether the message is real or fake.

New feature of WhatsApp

According to WABetainfo, search messages on the web can be used on the latest version of WhatsApp web and WhatsApp desktop. In addition, this feature has also come with WhatsApp’s Android and iOS updates.

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However, one of the screws in this feature is that not all forward messages can be verifiable, only such messages can be captured which are more forward. However, the company has not made any announcement on how long this feature will reach all users.

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