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Om Meditation All In One App

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Om Meditation All In One App

The Om Meditation all in one Hindu/Buddhist Meditation Helper Tool. Chant Timer. Training Info

Simple, straightforward Meditative Timer, Trainer and Aider to chant a variety of powerful Hindu and Buddhist rituals. It has been carefully designed to offer the most exact renditions of these old-fashioned mantras. These tried and true Vedic Om mantras will allow you to calm your body and mind, and lift your spirit.

Om Meditation all in one: Om (AUM) is considered to be the sound that never ceases to be everywhere throughout the universe all the time. It is believed as the sole sound that you can hear when going to a state of deep meditation..

The description of Om Meditation All In One App

Everyone needs to be calm and stress relief from your daily routine. We provide you with 20+ om meditation tracks that will help you sleep for free. We realize that time is a valuable resource, and that’s why we’ve developed this application to help you achieve the peace and sleep you require and, consequently, an improved sleep. Increase your wellbeing and enhance your living. The user-friendly interface with stunning images can make it your preferred music to fall asleep.Do not waste time playing around with sounds or browsing apps with a variety of options to set up.
Moreover, Change the white noise for relaxing sounds to sleep that are more beautiful and equal or more effective.
As well as Enjoy our long-running sessions with no repetition and avoid programs that play the same tune every few seconds.
Enjoy this exclusive om meditation experience for absolutely free, with no subscriptions or purchase

મેડિટેશન મંત્ર એપ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

20+ meditation tracks plus custom mantra slots
Moreover, A variety of configuration options (counts bell, counts and pause, etc.)
As well as Meanings and words of every mantra provided in Om Meditation all in one app
You can play mantras for hours or for a set number of times
Moreover, Meditation instruction for beginners
As well as Reporting features that are useful to track and analyze your meditation
The ability to play audio in the background while keeping the screen turned off
Moreover, Silent Meditation mode can help to breathe.
As well S Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain mantras comprised
Customizable – You can use your own tracks, images and more in Om Meditation all in one app
Moreover, The room is small in terms of size. No unwelcome permissions

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