Std 6 Homework pdf week 6 download 02/05/2020

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This post we are providing information about Std 6 Homework PDF week 6 date from 02/05/2020. std 6 homework pdf week 6 date from 02/05/2020.

Homework pdf week 6
Homework pdf week 6

study from home circular by SSA Gujarat

std 3 home work week 6
homework week 6

Subject: Conducting weekly learning material for primary school students under the “Study From Home” campaign.

std 6 Study from home PDF week 6

  • Brief Detail for Homework For students:
  • Homework declared by SSA Gujarat
  • standard: 6
  • Subject Covered: Gujarati, Maths, EVS
  • Homework for: week 6

Download std 6 Homework pdf link

Download std 6 Homework PDF week 6 :CLICK HERE

WE ARE PROVIDE HOMEWORK PDF WEEK 5 LINK FOR ALL GUJARAT STUDENT. According to the above subject, The students are allowed to leave school due to coronavirus.the academic work of the students is closed during this period. in view of this situation, various efforts have been made by the Gujarat Education Department to maintain the academic work of the students.

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Ebooks have been provided to students in grades 7 through 8 through education, Whatsapp and social media through the local Gujarati channel. In order to advance this endeavor to enhance the academic work of students of Classes 1 to 8.

Study from Home

weekly Learning Material is planned to deliver students to parents through a “Study From Home” through the BRCCRC Co-ordinator every Saturday. which runs from Saturday to Saturday. by the way, the BRCC RC Co-ordinator will be provided through WhatsApp / social media in which the students will complete the given task by successive Saturdays.


In order to complete its work in one week, the literature is told that the guardian will have to study with his child at home and perform the activities according to the instructions stated in making special efforts to make this “Study From Home” campaign a success.

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Guide to Teaching Students to Connect with Parents by Social Media, What ‘s App, and Phone Contact by the BRCC Co-Auditor, Principal and Teacher of the Weekly Learning Material, under the “Study From Home” campaign School students are urged to try to stay involved in their educational work through “study From Home” in free time exposed to this coronavirus.

Download pdf file for std 6 homework week 6

How to Download the study from home material, you can simply click below link and download pdf file.


Clcik here to download

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