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Voter List Continuous Improvement Program (Online)

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This article provides information About Voter List Continuous Improvement Program online.

Matador Yadi Satat Sudharana Karyakram Online. How to apply For voter id card online in coronavirus time.How to change the name in voter id card online. how to change the photo in voter id card online. how to change any type of information about your voter id card online.

Voter List Continuous Improvement Program in Gujarat State

In this post, We are providing Information About Voter List Continuous Improvement Program of Voter List (Online).  Matador  Yadi Satat Sudharana Karyakram. How to apply for the Voter id card online.

The Election Commission offers you a more secure option in the event of coronavirus infection.

Get many services on “National Water Service Portal”  www.nvsp.in without leaving home.

 If you have completed 18 years by 01/01/2020.

and have not registered in the electoral roll. the Election Commission still gives you an invaluable opportunity to register at home.

Voter List Continuous Improvement Program

 Form No. 6: Completion of Form No. 6 for registration of new name after completing 18 years

 Form No. 7: Fill Form No. 7 to delete names from the electoral roll.

 Form No. 8: Filling Form No. 8 to correct one’s name and other details registered in the electoral roll

 Form No. 8 (k): Filling Form No.

8 (k) to transfer name from one part of the same constituency to another To get your name verified.

your polling station, BLO, and voter registration officer’s name, contact, and other details take advantage of the facility of Election Commission sitting at home for protection from Coronavirus online.

Voter List Continuous Improvement Program Information below

 Helpline number: 1950

 Website: www.nvsp.in.

Stay at home, stay safe;

 Stay tuned for voter list services.

Read in Gujarati Click here

More Information Read Below Images In the Gujarati language.

Election card information in Gujarati

Voter List Continuous Improvement Program (Online)
Voter List Continuous Improvement Program (Online)
Voter List Continuous Improvement Program (Online)
Voter List Continuous Improvement Program (Online)
Voter List Continuous Improvement Program (Online)
Voter List Continuous Improvement Program (Online)
Voter List Continuous Improvement Program (Online)
Voter List Continuous Improvement Program (Online)
Voter List Continuous Improvement Program (Online)
Voter List Continuous Improvement Program (Online)

Booth Level Officer (BLO)

Booth Level Officer (BLO) may be a local Government/Semi-Government official, conversant in the local electors, and usually a voter within the same polling area who assists in updating the roll using his local knowledge.

Check this : How To Use Gujarati Voice Typing App

Voter helpline app

The Voters never had the convenience of voter centric features delivered through the mobile app.

All the services were available either within the physical format . were scattered on various websites and applications.

Voter List Continuous Improvement Program 2020

As the ECI main website contains the knowledge for all stakeholders, a traditional voter had great difficulty in navigation and finding the content.

Voter Helpline App is that the comprehensive app for Indian Voters to look at their names within the electoral roll.

submit forms for voter registration & modification, download their digital photo voter slips, make complaints, find details about the contesting candidates and most significantly see the real-time results of the elections.

Features of Voter helpline app

Electoral Search is that the paramount feature of Voter Helpline Application, which allows voters to look their electoral roll by entering personal Details, EPIC, or by scanning Barcode. The information are often saved by the voter/ elector to use it as voter slip.

He/ she will share this information to their contact list also.

Forms (NVSP):

Submitting the web forms like New Voter Registration, Update in Details et al. , became very easy by the utilization of Voter Helpline Application.

Types of Forms of voter id card

how to Apply Online (New): It allows the new users (Overseas also) to fill the appliance to register themselves as a Voter.

Transfer/ Shifting: It allows swift transfer/ shifting from one constituency to a different to the users.

Deletion: this type helps the users for objecting inclusion or seeking deletion of name within the electoral roll.

Correction Of entries: It allows the voters to vary electoral particular through their mobile-only.

how to Transposition: It allows the convenience of the relocation of habitation in one constituency from one place to another.

All Forms Information of voter id card

Duplicate Epic:

duplicate epic In case of correction in electors details or change in address, the user can request to issue a replica Photocard (EPIC) with his/ her new details.


status of The real-time status of the appliance also can be viewed by the users on their phone by entering the appliance id. Each and every step is shown to provide transparency.
Save Form:

this is chosen to save the shape is additionally available within the application, to permit simple access to the users on a later date.

Complaints (NGSP) :

The facility of lodging the Grievances online makes the Voter Helpline application more viable and imitating.

A Universal Helpline Number 1950 has also been included within the app for those users, preferring to call and register their complaints.

File Complaints:

Registering a complaint has never been this easy.

but the Voter Helpline App made it a bit of cake for its users.

With the convenience of straightforward clicks, users can file all the Elections or Non- Elections related complaints.


The real-time status of the complaints gives transparency.


the appliance has been expanded and now offers the power to look at all the small print of candidates like Profile, Affidavits, et al. The user can bookmark their favorite candidate to ascertain the step-by-step progress.

voter helpline app all inforamtion

Candidate Profile

It allows the user to look at and download the profile of the contesting candidates on their mobile phones.


affidavit Original Affidavits can also be downloaded by the users.

which have been uploaded by the candidates.


App allowed the user to bookmark their favourite candidates to trace their progress and obtain personalized results.


The voters can download the profile of the candidate and share the small print to their contact list.


Displaying the real-time result on the mobile for the primary time.was one of the crucial features of this application. It allowed the users to ascertain the authentic results directly on their phones from anywhere.

her constituency by scanning the barcode of the EPIC card.

Search your Polling Officer

and may make an immediate call to them from the app
Call Directly

Schedule of Elections
Navigate Polling Station
Selfie Campaignvha4.jpg

Download Voter helpline app click here

JioMeet HD video conferencing app Download

The Selfie campaign has been introduced this point to encourage the voters to travel and vote. I used the social media platform to spread awareness and made it a full-blown phenomenon.

Elector Verification Programme(EVP) Campaign.

Electors verification Programme allows electors to verify their details. family tagging, and collect feedback on polling stations using Voter Helpline App and Electors need to link their mobile number.

Personal Vault

The Voter Vault facility was provided within the Voter Helpline mobile application by which QR code-based booth slips were available digitally. The voter could display the digital QR code within the polling place and cast the vote.

Call 1950: Helpline number

Citizens can call the Voter Helpline, the number is 1950. Now any citizen from any a part of the country can turn the toll-free in English or Hindi with any query or complaint at any time of the day.

Callers can enquire about subjects like elections, voting dates, EPIC, electoral roll, online registration, and lodge a complaint by simply dialing into the toll-free no.

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