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What is Damini App? How To Works Damini App

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What is Damini App? Learn how this app works before lightning strikes
What is the Damini app and how to warn before lightning strikes? Scientists have set up a lightning location network with 48 sensors across the country. Damini app has been developed based on that. Which gives information about the probable location of lightning at a distance of 40 km.

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Home Minister Amit Shah held an important meeting in Delhi on Tuesday amid heavy rains across the country. In a meeting with officials from the home ministry, water power ministry and meteorological department, he directed more and more people to download the Damini app. So that the chances of death due to lightning in the affected areas can be reduced.

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સુરતના ગુજરાતીનો 10 લાખ કમાણીનો વિડીયો

રશિયા અને કેનેડાની વચ્ચે કે જ્યાં આર્કટિક મહા સાગર આવેલો છે , ત્યાં જ્યારે દિવસે ચંદ્ર ઉગે છે અને સૂર્ય સામેથી પસાર થાય છે ત્યારે ૩૦ સેકન્ડ માટે સૂર્યને ઢાંકી દે છે અને પછી તરતજ ૫ સેકન્ડમાં ત્યાંથી પસાર થઈ અદ્રશ્ય થઈ જાય છે. . . આ વિડિયો ખાસ પ્રકારનાં માઈક્રો ટેલિસ્કોપ થી લીધેલ છે, ઓરીજીનલ ચંદ્ર કેવો છે તે આ વિડિયોમાં જોઈ શકાય છે, આ ” અદ્દભુત ” નજારો 0.36 સેકન્ડ મા !

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What is Damini App?  How To Works Damini App
What is Damini App?

Who created Damini app?

The Damini app is a mobile app developed by the Meteorological Department. The Indian Institute of Meteorology, Pune, under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India, has developed the Damini app to alert people to lightning. Let’s find out what Damini’s app is.


How the Damini app works:

The gives accurate information about the possibility of lightning, thunderstorms, etc. ahead of time. For this, scientists from the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology have established a lightning location network with about 48 sensors. damini app has been developed based on that. Which gives information about the probable location of lightning at a distance of 40 km. This network provides accurate forecasts of lightning strikes. Shows the speed of lightning as well as the sound of lightning.

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The app also shows what to do in case of a thunderstorm:

Below is a lot of important information in this app. Here’s how to put one together for use with a lightning strike. In addition to safety measures, there is also primary medical information. Lightning strikes are deadly to humans and pastoralists. It cannot be stopped but it can be avoided. Awareness is required in the case of lightning. It can be predicted through the app. And people have enough time to move to a safer place. That is why the loss of life and property can be avoided by being vigilant.

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Here’s how to download to mobile:

The Damini app is extremely easy to download. Android mobile users can download it from Google Play Store and iPhone users can download it from Apple Store. After downloading, registration has to be done in it. For this, you have to submit your own name, location, etc. With this information, Damini’s app will start working. Warn of lightning within 40 kilometers of your location via audio message or SMS.

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What to do when you receive an alert:

Damini app will warn you in advance if there is a power outage in your area. Do not stand at all in open fields, under trees, in hilly areas, around mountains to avoid lightning. Avoid washing dishes made of metals and avoid bathing at all. Avoid rain and do not stand on the ground where water has accumulated. Do not use an umbrella at all. Stay away from electrical high tension wires and towers. Keep going indoors. If it is out somewhere and it is not possible to go home, sit on your knees with your ears closed in the open. Avoid danger so stay home.

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