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What Is the Taliban mean, Taliban is a terrorist organization?

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What does the Taliban mean, where did they come from, whether they are terrorists or not, how much threat to India? Understand in simple language

Chaos has spread in Afghanistan since the Taliban’s entry, we will tell you in simple language what happens when the Taliban take the whole nation hostage, what is the true meaning of the Taliban and where did this organization come from.

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Many countries in the world have terrorist organizations and carry out attacks. In today’s important event, a neighboring country of India, where a democratic government was in power and the President was in power, overthrew the entire government and a terrorist organization took over the rule of the whole country. It is about the Taliban who have taken over the whole of Afghanistan.

  1. Is the Taliban a terrorist organization?
  2. Where did the Taliban originate?
  3. What was the role of America?
  4. What could be the impact on India’s security?

Is the Taliban a terrorist organization?

What Is the Taliban mean
What Is the Taliban mean

The answer is both yes and no!

The Taliban consider themselves a political group. This is a military organization that ruled Afghanistan for 5 years from 1996 to 2001. At present their strength is about 2 lakh soldiers which they call Mujahid.

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Their ideology, however, is similar to that of terrorist organizations. These people believe in strict enforcement of strict Muslim laws called Sharia. For example, if someone steals, cut off their hands, if a woman is not wearing hijab, whip her in public, if someone leaves Islam, kill her with stones, do not give girls the right to study or work, if they want to go out, a man They can only go along with it, they support all these kinds of extremist ideologies. In short no concept of human rights applies there.

The Taliban has openly supported the hardcore terrorist group Al Qaeda. He provided security to Osama bin Laden and other Islamic fundamentalist groups such as Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jai Sheh Mohammed.
Where did the Taliban come from?

In Pashto, Taliban means students. Basically, the war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan in Afghanistan in the 1990s and the civil war between the government and the protesters there caused a lot of problems. Water, electricity, telephones, infrastructure were all in short supply.

They taaliban did a good job in early 1996. People were happy too. Gradually he began to show his true colors. In all his dirty business, he got the full support of the Pakistan Army and ISI.

What was America’s role now?

America was initially very happy with the Taliban. Because they were fighting America’s enemy, the Soviet Union, in the 1980s. There are also reports that the US CIA trained Taliban militants to fight.
On September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda, a Taliban-backed organization led by Osama bin Laden, attacked the US World Trade Center, killing at least 3,000 Americans. Then America’s brain went. When George W. Bush was president, he invaded Afghanistan under a campaign called War Against Terror, and the army overthrew the Taliban government.

Then the American army stopped there saying that we will stay here until the Taliban is eliminated and we train the Afghan army to fight the Taliban.

The American Army stayed here for more than 20 years. The Taliban continued to carry out covert attacks on the US Army and so far more than 2,300 US troops have been killed, but they have not been able to defeat the Taliban.

Like US President Joe Biden announced that we are withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan and now Afghanistan will decide its own future and in the months of reckoning the Taliban have once again taken over Afghanistan.

The bad news is that the US spent 88 88 billion in 20 years training the Afghan army against the Taliban and in just one month the army lost to the and President Ashraf Ghani had to flee the country.

What effect could Taliban rule have on India?

They now say they want good relations with India, but India’s biggest tension is over its good relations with Pakistan. And there is absolutely true tension. They have the largest Pashtun community. Pakistan is now home to 15% Pashtuns. The Hindu Kush Mountains lie on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and in the valley here, terrorists move from one country to another.

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Now, if Pakistan, as well as the Taliban, started supporting terrorist groups to separate Kashmir from India, it is possible that India would become two enemies at once and the rate of terrorist infiltration from across the border would increase. Is.

Second thing: India planned to trade with Central Asia using the Zaranj-Delaram Road in Afghanistan. Now it is difficult to determine how safe this trade is under the regime.

So from now on, India will have to prepare for the future of India-Afghanistan relations.

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