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Ancient names of various places of Gujarat

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This post we provide information about Ancient names of various places of Gujarat.some important questions and answer about the computer.computer some basic information question and answer.

Ancient names of various places of Gujarat
Ancient names of various places of Gujarat

Ancient names of various places of Gujarat

Bhavnagar – gohillwad

Vadodara:- Extraordinary, Vadapur

Dholka – hadwalkpur

Vadnagar: -Anarthpur, Anandpur, Miraculous

Junagadh:- Raivatak, Girnar, Sorath


palanpur:- Prahladnagar

Navsari:- Navsarika


Lothal:- Lotha sthal



Dabhoi_ Darbhvati

Mahudi:- Madhupuri,

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computer-related some questions and answer

  1. Electronics in the second generation of computers
    Used as a circuit
    Who invented the ‘transistor’?
    William Shockley
  2. Whose contribution is more in the field of the computer?
    . Von Leuven
  3. Innovative Computer Policy in India When was the announcement?
    November 1984
  4. Who invented the integrated chip?
    🔺 j. S. Kilby
  5. India’s first available on the Internet
    What is a newspaper?
  6. Q by Bhabha Atomic Research Center
    Super Computer Developed?
    3 incomparable supercomputer
  7. What is the first Indian magazine on the internet
    🔺 India Today (INDIA TODAY)
  8. First to be seen in India
    What is a computer virus?
    C – Brain
  9. The information printed on the paper on the computer
    Who is used to the store?
  10. Computer output on the big screen
    What is used to see?
  11. The largest computer in the world
    Which country is
  12. Compared to thirty-two (32) computers A working computer means
    Deep Blue Computer
  13. Which AI Computer Computer AI Technology?
    Has it been used?
    મી Fifth (5)
  14. Name the full name of AI.
    Artificial intelligence
  15. What Techniques for Creating Thin Computer-
    Logie is used?
    LCD, LED

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