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Std 3 To 8 exam time table 2019 in primary school

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Subject: First Semester Examination Standards: Examination schedule of all subjects from 1 to 9 and related instructions are required. STD 3 TO 8 Exam time table for Gujarat primary school.

it is imperative that students studying in elementary school acquire perceptive knowledge instead of Gokhanpatti. The purpose of the textbooks will be kept in mind if the students require such knowledge. Assessment of students should include knowledge, understanding, yield and skill questions. DOWNLOAD EAXAM PARIPATRA CLICK HERE

Std 3 To 8 exam time table 2019 in primary school
Std 3 To 8 exam time table 2019 in primary school

In view of this, the first-semester examination for students studying in the primary schools of the state will be given to you through the District Education and Training Building in your district. Printing of question papers will be done at the district level only on a per-year basis. Following is the standard of the first-semester examination in the whole state: Examination of all subjects from 1 to 5.

During the first semester examination as per the above program, the following instructions should be followed.

Exam Kevi rite Levi Tena Niyamo

1, Examination of all subjects of all standard in schools in which the shift system is implemented must be conducted in accordance with the schedule given in Gujarati medium.

2. If the local leave is given by a district on the dates indicated in the examination timesheet, then the leave should be canceled and the examination should be taken according to the schedule.

3. You will be responsible for maintaining the severity and confidentiality of the exam.

4. The responsibility for language purification will be the responsibility of the District Education Committee / Corporation.

5. In Std. 3 and 4, students have to write the answers in the question paper.

6. Students of Std. 5, 6, 7 and 8 will have to write the answer separately from the pen in the answer sheet.

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7. Examination tools like physical education, art, etc. have to be prepared at the local level.

8. Std in the social sciences. 2 and std. India and Std. 2 will include the question of filling the details in the map of the world. For which the required bank maps will have to be arranged at the local level. Std. Arithmetic will have to be arranged in Mathematics of 1 and 2.

9. During the examination, every five blocks in that school (one teacher from another school per exam room will have to be assigned the work of the inspector. Generally, it is said to arrange arrangements for the teachers not to go outside the pay center while shifting the inspectors.

10. external evaluation of test respondents That is, the teacher who teaches that standard subject from another school, instead of the teacher of that school, has to make a written order and assign the assessment to the teacher. And there are three subjects of Mathematics, Gujarati, and Environment of Std-8, then the Gujarati Subject of Std-2 is “B” to the teacher of the school, Mathematics subject to the C-school teacher and the subject of environment. Third “may be given to the evaluation of school teachers. Similarly, other standards can also be allocated to different school subject teachers.

Exam time table and How to work in exam Gujarati primary school

The Taluka of the taluka belongs to the primary education officer regarding the work orders and the responsibility for detailed planning of allocation of supervisors and external evaluation. The Taluka Primary Education Officer will have to register for this. So that there is no discrepancy between the respondents and their numbers.

The entire district has to be reviewed three days before the commencement of the examination as per the instruction of the District Primary Education Officer, and if there is any problem or inconsistency, it should be removed.

11 The responsibility of delivering the relevant assessment car to the headteacher of the school, on the day of completion of the Assignment of the respondents, or of late, the next day.

12, The appraiser who inspects the northwesters must inspect the respondents in a proper and transparent manner within a maximum of five days from the date of receipt of the answer and deliver it to the headteacher of the concerned school. During the timeframe, the respondents will have to be checked and care should be taken to ensure that no survivors are missing.

13, Online data entry of this result will be required. The program and detailed instructions for it will be given separately to the entire education campaign. Follow the above instructions wisely. The data entry has to be completed within the timeframe.

14, All other necessary instructions besides this must be given to the district from your level.

STD 3 TO 8 Exam time table for Gujarat primary school.

Std 3 To 8 exam time table 2019 in primary school
Std 3 To 8 exam time table 2019 in primary school

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