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Vachan Abhiyan amal and monitoring

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This post we are providing Information about vachan Abhiyan amalikaran and monitoring babat no latest paripatra.Vachan Abhiyan Amalikaran and monitoring no latest paripatra 14/9/19 On 14/09/19, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama Sahib and Education Secretary Vinod Kumar Rao Sahib gave the following guidelines and suggestions.

Vachan Abhiyan Amalikaran And Monitaring babat no latest paripatra see in image

vachan abhiyan amalikaran and monitaring paripatra
Vachan Abhiyan amalikaran and monitoring paripatra

Vachan abhiyan amal and monitaring na mahatava na mudda

  •   All the Principal Shri and teachers Amalwari are kept in mind.
  • 1) The principal will do an online data entry portal. so all the benefits of teacher leave and service and salary will be obtained at speed.
  • 2) All the Principal and Teacher Friends will download the Facebook workplace app and get guidance in their education.
  • 3) To complete the online training of Samar 2, all teacher friends.
  • 4) All teacher friends Microsoft.
  • Download workplace app App with a teacher of Rao Saheb directly in the school will be guided by your time teacher.
  • 5) Timely submission of online teacher and student attendance.
  • 6) There will be 2 visits to the school twice a year under Ratio 2.0. All schools will check the achievement of the students with the help of an external inspector.
  • 7) Implementation of the unit test with proper transparency of the diagnostic test.
  • 8) Entrance Test and Annual Examination External Supervisor and External Examination will be evaluated by making online mark entry.
  • 9) Implement the Pragya, Tasha system and the teaching method in all the schools as per the letter of Gandhinagar.
  • 10) The quality of the school teacher will be completed within a short period of time.
  • 11) Dear children’s reading will be improved by starting the Reading Campaign program since November.
  • 12) The monitoring of the teacher’s continued absence in school will be monitored.
  • 13) If there is any question of education, all the CRC, brc, TPEO, DPEO executives in the channel will resolve it quickly.

All the above suggestions will be implemented by all the Principal in your school with the teacher as well as if you have any questions then contact the CRC.

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