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What is an Email? How to use it

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What is an Email or Electronic mail?

E-mail or Electronic mail is a facility on computers to send your message to another person disregard the direct location or contract. The subscribers to an E-mail service can have access from any place, through computer to send and receives messages. A message refers to the actual information sent by one user to another. Every Email system describes the structure of the message, known as the protocol. It contains, too, from, subject, text etc. Earlier the Email facility was available to the major universities with computing resources. Now due to a decrease in the prices of computers and increased networking, Email has started to dominate worldwide communications.

What is an Email? How to use it
What is an Email? How to use it

Some terms in Email The basic components of any system of Email are as under :

  • Transport– The software that transfers the massage from one system to another is known as transport.
  • Value-added networks (VAN) – These are the telecommunication companies, handling Email services for a fee.
  • Gateway– For sending a message from one computer to another it has to pass through a gateway to be delivered. A gateway is an application program. Does it translate between two protocols of different E-mail systems?

How to send an Email?

In order to send a message through E-mail, steps are as under.

  • Connect to a computer network or an E. mail program For this purpose, you need a password and a user’s name It is known as log on.
  • Type the Email address of the recipient.
  • Compose your message.
  • Direct the email program to send the message.

How to receive an e-mail message?

  • Connect to a computer network ie log on.
  • Go through the list of your new mail.
  • you want to read.
  • Choose appropriate action . ex deleting, storing, printing, forwarding, or replying.
  • select another message to read.

Uses of E-mail

  • E-Mail offers the following advantages-
  • Instant communication to the receiver.
  • Flexibility for writing pr revising written message.
  • Saves times in printing copying and distributing messages.
  • Easy and quick contact with friends and family members in every part of the world.

How to write effective email messages?

  • Avoid long messages and be concise.
  • Send a message for something important.
  • Do not use E. mail to provoke or insult any person For that, be polite It is known as Flaming.
  • Return the inappropriate mail.
  • Do not be too casual. Nevertheless, this also depends upon your relationship with recipients.

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