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how to apply Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat

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Apply for Laptop Assistance Plan | Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat

You are searching for Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat? Fill out the online form for the Laptop Assistance Plan here. The state government is launching a laptop assistance scheme to alleviate the poor and advance the education sector. Now we will give you the details regarding Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat so that you can apply for the scheme.

Who will get the benefit of Laptop Assistance Scheme? How to benefit? Where do you need the document? What are the benefits? The details are given in this article. Which are as follows.

how to apply  Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat
how to apply Laptop Sahay Yojana Gujarat

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Purpose of Laptop Assistance Scheme | Agenda of Laptop Sahay Yojana

The purpose of starting this scheme is that the Gujarat State Government will provide you financial assistance of Rs. 1,50,000 for the purchase of a new laptop. The government will provide 80% of the amount for the laptop and the remaining 20% ​​will be given to the student. With this amount of 1,50,000 you can buy a very good laptop. Nowadays laptops range from Rs 15,000 to around Rs 150,000.

We all know that due to increasing technology, there is a great need for laptops and mobiles. Even now, due to lockdown, students need laptops as well as mobiles for education, so the Gujarat government has started a laptop assistance scheme. Gujarat Government provides financial assistance to students up to Rs. 40,000 / – at 3% interest.

Scheme Name Laptop Sahay Yojana for S.T.
Language of the article English and Gujarati
The purpose of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to Scheduled Tribes (ST) people for financial assistance to start a new computer or laptop business.
Beneficiaries are citizens of Scheduled Tribes of Gujarat
Loan amount for computer / laptop under this loan scheme
1,50,000 / – for purchase of machine
Interest rate on loan Only 6% interest rate loan assistance will be given.

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Official Website Click Here
HomePage Click Here

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Features of Laptop Assistance Scheme | Important of Laptop Sahay Yojana

In this scheme loan will be given by the government with interest of 4%.
You will have to repay the loan amount in 20 monthly installments.
If you do not pay the installment on time, you will get 2.5 percent interest penalty on your interest.
Gujarat State SC will provide financial assistance to students to buy a new laptop.
Which caste will benefit under Laptop Assistance Scheme?
The Laptop Assistance Scheme is offered only to people belonging to Scheduled Tribe (ST) caste.

What does the Laptop Assistance Scheme benefit the beneficiary?
Laptop Assistance Scheme Beneficiary is given a loan of 80% of the total amount.

Laptop Assistance Scheme Eligibility Criteria | Eligibility Criteria of Laptop Sahay Yojana
Student should be a resident of Gujarat State.
Only SC students can apply for this scheme.
The applicant must have a certificate of belonging to the tribe.
The age of the student should be between 18 to 30 years.
Educational qualification up to standard 12 is mandatory for the student.
Neither the applicant nor any of his family should have a job in the government department.
The annual income of the applicant’s family should not exceed Rs. 120000 / – and for urban area Rs. 150000 / -.
Beneficiary has a certificate regarding computer training.
Certificate of experience working in a computer sales store or company / shopping mall / shop.
What are the benefits available under computer loan scheme?
People of ST caste are given the benefit of various schemes by Adijati Vikas Vibhag. A total loan of up to Rs. 1,50,000 / – is given for purchase of computer and laptop and its various machines. In which the beneficiary has to contribute at the rate of 10% of the total loan.

For example, if you buy a laptop for Rs 40,000, the government will give you a loan of 80% i.e. Rs 32,000 and the remaining 20% ​​i.e. Rs 8000 will have to be paid by the student.

Documents required for Laptop Assistance Scheme | Documents For Laptop Sahay Yojana
Thus, under the Laptop Assistance Scheme launched by the Government of Gujarat, if any person wants to avail the benefits of this scheme, you will need all the following documents.
Certificate regarding Scheduled Castes of Gujarat (Example of Mamlatdar Shri / Social Welfare Officer or Competent Officer)
Copy of ration card
Bank account passbook
Certificate of Computer Training
Certificate of experience working in a computer sales store or shop
Copy of Aadhaar card
Proof of property submitted by the applicant (including land 7/12 and 8-A or building documents and property card which is recent and without burden
7/12 and 8-A of the guarantor-1 or documents and property card of the building
7/12 and 8-A of the guarantor-2 or documents and property card of the building
If the shop is own / rented as a place of business, its details. If it is a rented shop, then rent agreement
Government Approved Valuation Valuation Report on Property submitted by Zamindar-1
Government Approved Valuation Valuation Report on Property submitted by Zamindar-2
Bailiffs have to submit affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.20 / –
Government Approved Valuation Report on the submitted property

How to dry a laptop support plan?

Scheduled Tribe is provided laptop assistance by Gujarat Tribal Corporation. On which you will get a loan with an annual interest rate of 4%.

Repayment of the loan obtained by the applicant shall be made in 20 quarterly installments with interest.
Delay in repaying the loan obtained by the applicant will have to be repaid with additional 2% penalty interest.

How to apply for Laptop Assistance Scheme?

Step 1: Open the official website of First Tribal Development Corporation Gujarat https://adijatinigam.gujarat.gov.in/.

Step 2: Click on the “Apply for Loan” button on the Home Page.

Step 3: Now after clicking on that button a new Page named “Gujarat Tribal Development Corporation” will open.

Step 4: If you are applying for a loan for the first time, you have to create your personal ID by clicking on “Register Here”.

Step 5: After you create a personal login, you have to enter your login ID and password in “Login here” and login.

Step 6: After the beneficiary logs in to his personal page, he has to do “Apply Now” in “My Applications”.

Step 7: After clicking on Apply Now various schemes will show online. In which click on “Self Employment” button.

Step 8: Now after you click on “Self Employment” you have to read the terms carefully. You have to read it carefully and click “Apply Now”.

Step 9: Beneficiary has to enter the details of the application, details of the property of the applicant, details of the loan, details of the guarantor etc. while filling his application information online.

Step 10: In which the loan amount has to be paid in the next column by selecting “Computer Machine” in the selection of the scheme.

Step 11: You have to upload the property details, bank account details, other required documents as you have decided.

Step 12: After filling all the details online, you have to check again and save the application.

Step 13: The number of saved application will be generated. Whose print must be taken and preserved.

Laptop Assistance Scheme Helpline Number | Contact number
Helpline number: (079) 23257552

(Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

FAQs of Laptop Sahay Yojana 2022
Q: What is a laptop support plan?
Ans: Laptop Assistance Scheme is an evening given by Gujarat Government. Rs. 1,50,000 is given under this scheme.

Q: What is the interest rate for Laptop Assistance Scheme?
Ans: 6% interest per annum

Q: Laptop Assistance Scheme is a scheme started for whom?
Ans: Laptop Assistance Scheme for SC caste students by Gujarat Government

Q: What is the age required to avail Laptop Assistance Scheme?
Ans: From 18 years to 30 years

Q: What is the official website to apply for laptop scheme?
Ans: Application Officer Website: https://sje.gujarat.gov.in/

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